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Dedicated to innovatively empowering and collectively 
transforming how we teach, celebrate, and create story - 
in our lives, on the page, and on the screen

In the instant we open our eyes and become aware of the world...
...There is Story.

In the moment we attempt to express ourselves,
or endeavor to entertain, inform, or transform others...
...There is StoryTelling.

It is not just something we do...
It is who we are.

      Patrick A. Horton, PhD /            
The Story Coach              


Creative & Strategic Consultant

Social & Media Advocacy

IDEAL FOR: Actors | Agents & Managers | Writers, Screenwriters, & Journalists
Narrative & Documentary Filmmakers | Producers, Directors, & Development Execs
Media, Marketing, & Communications Professionals | Public & Professional Speakers
Corporate Executives | Social Entrepreneurs & Change Agents of all kinds
Potential Financiers & Investors | Everyday Heroes & Public at Large

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Mastering The Power Of Story
The Story of Transformation & The Transformation of Story

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